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Hycosan Fresh 7.5ml

Hycosan Fresh 7.5ml

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HYCOSAN FRESH provides relief for mild eye irritation – it is perfect for busy people who use screens, tablets & phones throughout the day or work in an office environment. Hycoscan Fresh includes a natural tear lubricant (0.03% Sodium Hyaluronate) & a natural plant extract shown to relieve redness of the eye (Euphrasia). It is also preservative free making it is compatible with all contact lenses types.

How to use

Please read the enclosed leaflet for complete instructions and important safety information. The bottle is designed for easy use with one pump dispensing a single eye drop.


7.5 ml sterile, preservative and phosphate-free solution with 0.03% sodium hyaluronate and Euphrasia.

Box Contains 1 bottle of Hycosan Fresh 7.5ml 

Hazards and Cautions

Can be used for 6 months after first opening. Store at room temperature.