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FLY OPTICAL was started on the simple thought that everybody who needs to have glasses should be able to access them at affordable prices. As experienced Optometrists we have been in optics for over 10 years. It is becoming clear to us that optics is changing rapidly. An Opticians primary focus should be healthcare and providing a service to help patients see better. As time has gone by new online stores have entered the market and we feel that this clear message has been lost. 

Our mission is simply, provide fashionable yet affordable glasses whilst keeping our customers informed with great eye health advice.  We have designed FLY around you and your eye health. Its time to make a change and bring healthcare back to Opticians. 

We believe we can care for your eyes in a number of ways and while doing so we would also love to pass on our knowledge to help you understanding your eyes that little bit better, so you can take the right steps to maintaining good vision. 

We are an online opticians with all the experience of a high street one. We are happy to communicate directly with our customers, offering a wide range of services, from prescription glasses to eye supplements and general eye education. We want to make purchasing glasses online simple, convenient, and straight forward for each and everyone of you. 

Our Optical experts are devoted to our patients and take pride in everything they do at FLY, to make sure you see things right.