Free delivery on orders over £30


We want to keep you in the loop regarding  your delivery when ordering your glasses with us. We have tried to make our delivery information clear, a bit like your glasses so you know exactly what to expect.

How long will my glasses take?

Most of our glasses that are straight forward are shipped within 7 days from the date an order is placed. Our more complex orders may take a little longer but we will inform you soon as we get your order. You will receive a confirmation email as soon as your order has been dispatched from our optical lab. 

We aim for even our most complex prescriptions to be dispatched within 14 days of being authorised by our onsite optometrists.

How much does delivery cost?

Our standard delivery (3-5 business working days) to anywhere in the UK is £3.95. We work closely with Royal Mail who take your order from our hands and deliver it straight into yours. If you’ve received an email to notify that your order has been dispatched, but you have not received it after 7 days, contact us on and we will try to resolve the issues soon as possible.

What if the glasses don’t fit?

For most customers there will be no need to adjust the fit. However, for those who order a pair of glasses or sunglasses that need adjusting slightly, one of our qualified optometrists can help you to do this yourself. You can try the following, see below for some tips. 

Basic adjustments to help metal frames fit better

  • Grip the frame of the glasses firmly
  • Hold the nose pad between thumb and forefinger and move in or out slightly
  • Do the same for the other pad
  • Check them by trying them on
  • Do this again until you’re happy, making very small changes each time

Basic adjustment to help plastic frames fit better

  • Put them on and mark on your glasses where you’d like the arm bend to start
  • Take them off and heat up the side using a hairdryer where you wish to make the bend for about 20-30 seconds
  • Gently bend the glasses straight
  • Reheat the arms again for another 20 seconds or so
  • Bend the arm around your thumb to make a smooth curve
  • Try them on again and see if they feel better, if not, try again until you’re happy

Contact Us

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We are always happy to help